Hot Stone Massage

Rates: $130/hr. $180/90min.

With Hot stone massage I utilize smooth, heated stones, anointed with oil and slide them over the body. This helps the muscles to “melt” by giving a deeply soothing relaxing form of massage. The gentle warmth from a hot stone massage helps to relax tense muscles in addition to improving sluggish blood circulation.

The heat retained by the stones can help release tension in deep layers of muscle tissue, promoting relaxation. The stones I use are basalt, a type of black volcanic rock that absorbs moisture easily and retains heat long enough to provide a partial or full body massage.

 Hot stone

This type of massage was traditionally used by Native Americans, who heated the stones near a fire. Today, the stones are heated electronically by a stone heater and are submerged in water until they are ready to be used so that they maintain an even temperature.


To undergo a mobile hot stone massage at your home, I require enough space for a massage table along with space to walk around the table to reach different areas of the body.  

I would also require a nearby counter, chair or table where I can place the heating pad and an electrical outlet, for fast access during a client’s massage treatment.


A hot stone massage is available only in homes with arranged appointment times. A hot stone massage treatment can last between one and two hours and is often combined with Swedish or Neuromuscular Therapy or Deep Tissue Massage.


People with open wounds or rashes should avoid hot stone massage until the condition clears up. People with the following medical conditions should avoid hot stone massage:


  • Cancer, chemotherapy, radiation
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Prone to blood clots
  • Fever
  • High Blood Pressure or any cardiovascular condition
  • Recent burns including sunburns
  • Recent surgery or injury (bruising)
  • Accute inflamation
  • Varicose veins
  • Diabetes
  • Eczema, acne, rashes or any skin condition
  • Any other condition which makes massage or heat applications inadvisable

If you have any doubt, please check with your doctor before receiving this modality.


Rates: $130/hr. $180/90min.


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