Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

Rates: $100/hr. $150/90min

Neuromuscular therapy is a special deep tissue technique used to alleviate pain, numbness or tingling caused by trigger points or areas of hypersensitivity in the muscles. These areas are called “trigger points” because they “trigger” or refer sensations of pain to other parts of the body. While deep tissue is a technique applying deep pressure on areas of tension in the whole body, neuromuscular therapy focuses only on specific tender muscle areas or trigger points that causes pain, numbness, tingling or postural distortion in the body. In neuromuscular therapy sessions, the whole body is not usually treated.

Swedish massage is more for relaxation and ideal for stress relief. Sometimes a more specific form of massage is necessary due to chronic pain or injury. Deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and neuromuscular therapy are types of therapeutic massage that focus on trouble pain areas.


Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) is a form of trigger point therapy. While trigger point therapy focuses on muscle pain, NMT involves the nervous and skeletal systems in addition to the muscles. The massage therapist applies pressure on specific muscle-connective tissue points and then releases the pressure. The application of pressure and subsequent release occurs in cycles during the course of the session.
There are five elements that create pain. These elements are:

Trigger Points. Trigger points are areas of muscle irritation. These areas of irritation create pain in a single spot or cause referred pain.

Ischemia. Ischemia is defined as diminished blood supply to tissues. The removal of waste byproducts, such as lactic acid, is one of the key functions of proper blood flow. Another important function of proper blood flow is to supply tissues with nutrients and oxygen.

Nerve Compression/Entrapment. Soft tissue, cartilage, or bone can press against a nerve and cause pain. This is known as nerve compression or entrapment.

Postural Distortion. If the muscular system is not in the proper longitudinal and horizontal planes, this imbalance is defined as postural distortion. Poor posture commonly results from bad postural habits, emotionally unhealthy states and mostly the effects of gravity.

Biomechanical Dysfunction. When the musculoskeletal system is out of alignment, this can lead to poor execution of body movements (i.e. improper lifting techniques or bad form in sports) and is defined as biomechanical dysfunction.

Because NMT involves different systems in the body, massage therapists must take additional courses in order to be certified for this specialized massage technique. Understanding the physiology of the nervous system and its impact on the muscular and skeletal systems is also required for NMT certification.

In conclusion, NMT has been an effective treatment for chronic pain as well as body misalignment. This specialized massage technique has resulted in significant pain relief and improvement to many of my clients.

Rates: $100/hr. $150/90min

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