Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Rates: $100/hr. $150/90min

The lymphatic system is a complex system of organs, tissues, nodes and vessels that are critical to the healthy function of the immune system. The lymph vessels, which are similar to the blood vessels that also run throughout the body, are the most important parts of this system, and they are connected to lymph nodes. The vessels transport lymph, a special fluid containing white blood cells, throughout the body and remove waste from the system.

Lymph vessels are thin-walled and located just below the skin from the head to the feet. Anything that compromises lymph flow, including illness, inactivity, lymphedema or surgical disruption of the lymph nodes, can allow wastes and cellular byproducts to accumulate and compromise overall functioning. This increases the risk of infection, illness and other physical problems. Manual Lymphatic drainage can reopen blocked lymph vessels and keep this critical fluid moving through the body.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a highly specialized form of manual therapy that is used to stimulate the lymph vessels and move the stagnant lymph out of the body.

Unlike traditional massages, MLD uses light repetitive motions that mimic the natural contractions of the lymph vessels to move the fluid towards the lymph nodes. Once the lymph passes through the nodes and into the ducts, the fluid will then return to the cardiovascular system and can be eliminated by the body. The amount of pressure exerted during lymphatic massage is minuscule in order to not damage the tiny vessels located just beneath the skin.

The benefits of lymphatic drainage are extensive, particularly for those with lymphatic disorders such as lymphedema or venous insufficiency. MLD can effectively soften puffy extremities and relieve post-surgical swelling. It may help promote healing in those who have suffered soft tissue injuries, such as sprains and strains. Because it helps move wastes and byproducts, it can help clear skin and relieve chronic inflammation. Many people also find MLD deeply relaxing and often fall asleep during a treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage

Conditions for which manual lymph drainage therapy is effective include:

• Edema or swelling
• Lymphedema
• Chronic venous sufficiency
• Chronic or subacute inflammation of many origins
• Fibromyalgia
• Reduction or prevention of scars and fibrosis
• Trauma
• Hematoma or bruising
• Sprains
• Pre- and post-surgical conditions
• Wound healing
• Stress
• Fatigue
• Chronic pain
• Sleeping disorders
• Puffiness
• Painful or hemorrhagic menses
• Breast pain or swollen breasts
• Eczema
• Acne
• Headache
• Tinnitus
• Vertigo
• Prevent aesthetic issues, such as cellulite and wrinkles


Absolute contraindications to Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) are acute infectious, fever, serious circulatory problems such as thrombosis, congenital heart failure, major cardiac problems, hemorrhage, acute aneuresis, and malignant ailments, or un-diagnosed ‘lumps’.
1. Fever, acute infection, early onset of inflammatory disease. You need to wait until the acute phase is over and the fever is broken.
2. Circulatory system problems, especially thrombosis. If there is any risk of embolism of phlebitis, do not use LDM and see your physician immediately
3. Cardiac issues such as heart disease, acute angina pectoris or coronary thrombosis (heart attack). Using MLD increases the fluid load on the heart, and compromised cardiac systems should not be subjected to MLD.
4. Active bleeding, internal or external.
5. Active malignant cancers, undiagnosed lumps, or tumors whose origins have not been determined by your physician.
6. High-risk pregnancy or late-term pregnancy with complications

Relative contraindications:
There are a number of relative contraindications to lymphatic drainage. These include edema and lymphedema, which may either be a good indication for lymphatic drainage or a contraindication, depending on the etiology of the edema or lymphedema. In cases of hyper- or hypothyroidism, there is also a rare risk of upsetting the blood’s hormone ratio and provoking a hyperthyroid reaction when working over the thyroid gland.

If none of these contraindications are present, lymphatic drainage is a safe and gentle modality appropriate for many indications and is the best option for moving fluid from one body part to another.

Please be aware of all these contraindications before you sign the consent_form and receiving therapy. 


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